Scottish personalities find out what really is Too Good To Waste in new four-part series on STV

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In a brand new, eye-opening four-part series, eight well known Scottish personalities open up their homes and let the waste experts in!  Too Good to Waste starts 8pm, Tuesday 3 April 2012 on STV.
Broadcasters Fred MacAulay and Kaye Adams; actor Stephen Purdon; comedian Des McLean; fashionista Julie Hannah; journalists Shereen Nanjiani and Chick Young; and sports personality Liz McColgan are all challenged to examine how wasteful they are in their everyday lives. 
But will they rise to the challenge and change their ways to save themselves time, money and resources? Too Good to Waste has a lot of fun finding out. 
In all of the programmes, each pair of personalities tackles their own personal waste themed challenges. These include throwing hard earned cash out of drafty old windows, chucking away perfectly good food, driving uneconomical vehicles, and using energy sapping gadgets.  Each episode also sees the celebs taken on a journey to see what becomes of their waste when it leaves their bins.
Episode 1 – Stephen Purdon and Des McLean (3 April 2012, 8pm)
Theme – Electricity
Des and Stephen both love their gadgets and continue to hold onto them. The duo sees what happens to mobile phones and iPods when they’re tossed away for a newer model and with the help and advice of housekeeping queen, Aggie McKenzie, they are both encouraged to de-clutter their homes and see how much money it can make them.
Episode 2 - Shereen Nanjiani and Julie Hannah (10 April 2012, 8pm)
Theme - Food
Fashion conscious ladies, Shereen and Julie are challenged to take a look at their extensive wardrobes and learn to love vintage. But staying seasonal won't be out of fashion, as we reveal to Shereen and Julie exactly how much food they waste each year and they learn how to fix their wasteful culinary habits.  
Episode 3 – Fred MacAulay and Kaye Adams (17 April 2012, 8pm)
Theme - Fuel
Fred and Kaye both have cars that guzzle fuel. In the programme they are challenged to drive more economically and efficiently, as well as being shown ways to reduce the miles they clock up every year by using other transport options.  
Episode 4 – Chick Young and Liz McColgan (24 April 2012, 8pm)
Theme - Gas
Sporting celebrities Chick and Liz waste a lot of money on their gas bills.  Our experts make them aware of what lifestyle changes they can make to cut down on their gas consumption.  Back in the kitchen again in this episode with Liz being shown how planning ahead can give her more quality time with her family and at the same time save cash at the tills.   
Fred MacAulay, said: “This wasn't just about making a television programme, it was about changing my lifestyle to become less wasteful. It was also about how I treat waste and what I do with it. I've made some small changes and bigger ones will follow.” 
Kaye Adams, said:  “With some good advice, a bit of thought, and very little effort, I've shaved about £400 off my annual electricity bill. What's not to like! The big surprise has been how easy it is. You don't have to sit shivering in the dark to save yourself time, money and energy. Doing small things just a bit differently can make a massive impact.”
Elizabeth Partyka, Deputy Director of Channels at STV, said: “Too Good To Waste is a programme that gives our viewers an insight into how they can save money by being less wasteful, with quite a few laughs along the way.”
Too Good To Waste is sponsored by Greener Scotland of the Scottish Government. 
On behalf of the Scottish Government, Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: “These programmes show that there are many simple steps we can take to adopt a greener lifestyle which can bring huge benefits to us all. The reality is that we all do green things every day, sometimes without realising.  If we can get people to become less wasteful, we will all reap the benefits and will ultimately make Scotland a greener, cleaner place to live. I hope that these programmes inspire everyone across the country to do more so that we can all go Greener Together”.
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Too Good to Waste – 8pm, Tuesday 3 April 2012 for four weeks on STV
Press Contacts:
Lauren Ferson - / 0141 300 3290
Kirstin Stevenson - / 0141 300 3670
Stripe Communications
Nadine Reilly – / 0131 561 8621
Experts involved in the programme
Penney Poyzer - Household Sustainability Expert
Euan Donaldson - IRT Surveyor
Rosemary Shrager - Chef
Aggie MacKenzie – Domestic Expert
Pete Jackson – Gardner
Robbie Hawthorne - Cycle Training Coordinator
Richard Andrews - Dr Bike Project Manager
Rob Liddell - Institute of Advanced Motoring Driving Instructor
Natasha Byrne - Transport Support Officer
Claire Doherty – Scottish Power, Environment and Regulation Manager
Fergus Muirhead – Money Expert
Sue Lawrence – Cook and Author
Stella Bartram – Fitness Expert