Director/PDMR shareholding

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STV Group plc (the “Company”) announces the release of Deferred Bonus Shares and Bonus Shares to its Executive Directors. The share awards are made pursuant to the STV Group plc Discretionary Performance Related Bonus Plan.

The Company also announces the exercise by the Executive Directors of nil cost share awards made under the STV Group plc 2009 Long-Term Incentive Plan (the “LTIP”).
Bonus payments were triggered in 2010 earned at 75% of bonus potential maximum and were payable in three tranches, this being the third. Rob Woodward voluntarily deferred his payments and is receiving both his second and third tranches in this payment.

Bonus payments were triggered in 2012 earned at 30% of bonus potential maximum. This award is payable in two tranches, this being the first with the final payment to be made in 2014.
Accordingly, on 3 April 2013 the undernoted became the legal and beneficial owners of the following ordinary shares of 50p each in the Company: the 2010 Deferred Bonus Award shares at a price of 124p   per share; the 2012 Bonus Award shares at a price of 100p per share and the LTIP shares at a price of 126.75p per share.

The Sale Shares were sold at a price of 132p and 132.5p per ordinary share of 50p each and the Sale Shares were disposed of by Directors to cover tax, national insurance and associated costs of the awards. 
  2010 Deferred Bonus Award 2010 Deferred Bonus Award LTIP Award Total       Shares issued Shares        Sold Shares retained
Rob Woodward 229,839 56,634 84,463 372,936 210,533 162,403
George Watt 64,778 - 48,630 113,408 74,204 39,204

  Total holding of Ordinary Shares %
Rob Woodward 461,205 1.18%
George Watt 238,796 0.61%

Jane E A Tames
Company Secretary
STV Group plc
0141 300 3074
4 April 2013