Director/PDMR shareholding

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STV Group plc (the “Company”) announces that following the exercise by the Executive Directors of nil cost share awards made under the STV Group plc 2009 Long-Term Incentive Plan (the “LTIP”) on 8 April 2013, Rob Woodward has today sold 11,285 shares and George Watt has today sold 6,458 shares, all at a price of 132.5p.

Following this, Mr Woodward repurchased 8,490 shares at a price of 135p
  Total holding of Ordinary Shares %
Rob Woodward 458,410 1.17%
George Watt 232,338 0.59%

Jane E A Tames
Company Secretary
STV Group plc
0141 300 3074
8 April 2013