Grant of options under sharesave scheme Nov 20

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STV Group Plc (the  ‘Company’)
12 November 2020

Grant of options under sharesave scheme

On 6 November, the Company granted options over a total of 355,190 ordinary shares of 50p each in STV Group plc (the "Options").

The Options have been granted to participating employees under the rules of the STV Group plc Sharesave Scheme, an HMRC approved scheme introduced to encourage wider employee share ownership of the Company.

The Options are exercisable at a price of £2.72 per ordinary share, representing the market value of the Company's shares on the dealing day immediately prior to the date of invitation to apply for options (9 October). The Options are exercisable from 1 January 2024 in accordance with the rules of the Scheme.

The grant of options represents 0.77% of the Company's existing issued share capital. 
Further enquiries:
Jane E A Tames
Company Secretary, STV Group plc 
+44  141 300 3074