Wood Family Trust pledges support to STV Appeal

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The Wood Family Trust has joined the fight against child poverty in Scotland by pledging £450,000 to support STV Appeal projects in the North East of Scotland.
Sir Ian Wood, an advocate for identifying innovative solutions to tackling the root causes of child poverty, has committed the funds over three years and also joined the STV Appeal board.
Sir Ian marked the Wood Family Trust’s commitment to raising awareness of the issue of child poverty in Scotland by visiting Instant Neighbour, an Aberdeen based project that has received supported from the STV Appeal. The visit to Instant Neighbour, which recycles and distributes quality used furniture, clothing, child safety packs and baby equipment to people living on low incomes, will feature in a programme to mark the launch of STV Appeal 2013.
STV Appeal 2013 - The Big Launch will be broadcast on STV at 1715 on Sunday 6th October.
Sir Ian Wood, Chairman and trustee of the Wood Family Trust, said: "The Wood Family Trust has a clear focus on supporting young people in Scotland, our next generation, towards becoming enterprising, tolerant and caring members of society. Child poverty, which affects a distressingly high percentage of children in Scotland, is a fundamental issue that must also be tackled. By supporting the STV Appeal we hope that awareness of the issue is raised, stereotypes will be challenged, and most of all, the causes and effects of child poverty can be tackled effectively."
Sir Tom Hunter, trustee of the STV Appeal, said: "Ian joining the STV Appeal underscores his exceptional commitment to helping those most in need in our society and in offering every opportunity for them. His financial commitment also indicates his seriousness in helping us in tackling the blight that is child poverty in Scotland today. Child poverty is Scotland's biggest threat today and we need to wake up to that fact and address it with the urgency it so very much needs."
Rob Woodward, STV CEO and trustee of the STV Appeal, said: “We welcome the support of the Wood Family Trust as we further build on the impact that the STV Appeal has had in the last two years. The Appeal aims to challenge perceptions and attitudes towards child poverty and invest in solutions and we hope this year’s fundraising efforts will go even further to help the children across Scotland that need it most.”
STV Appeal 2013 - The Big Launch
Sunday 6th October at 1715 on STV
Presented by STV’s Andrea Brymer, Sunday’s 30 minute launch programme kicks off a week of special programming leading up to the big live show. We hear real life stories of children across Scotland who have been affected by poverty and visit some of the many projects supported by the STV Appeal, to see how every penny raised for STV Appeal helps tackle child poverty.
The programme also looks at the perceptions and attitudes surrounding child poverty in Scotland and dispels some common myths and misconceptions.
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