Celebs 'pass it on' as Too Good to Waste returns to STV

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STV’s popular series Too Good To Waste returns this month to rifle through the rubbish of seven Scottish celebrities from the first series. Too Good to Waste: Passing it On starts Friday 21 March at 8pm on STV.

In 2012, Too Good to Waste confronted a group of well known Scots who were wasting resources, time and money in their everyday lives.

Now, in a brand new series, we revisit Kaye Adams, Fred MacAulay, Shereen Nanjiani, Stephen Purdon, Chick Young, Des McLean and Julie Hannah, to find out if they have changed their ways or if they are still wasters.

This time, the celebrities are challenged to help their friends and family stop wasting by lowering domestic fuel bills, saving cash on their shopping and reducing the cost of running a car.

In week one, comedian Des McLean and actor Stephen Purdon discover they're throwing away food that could be eaten and find out how to reduce the running cost of their cars, saving hundreds of pounds. Des and Stephen pass on some of their top money saving tips to friends and family, helping them reduce waste and increase the amount of cash in their pockets.

Next, broadcasters Kaye Adams and Fred MacAulay go head to head in a car driving challenge that will see one of them run out of fuel in the middle of Blair Drummond Safari Park. Who can teach their loved ones to drive more fuel efficiently? And, pundit Chick Young discovers why chips and pakora can save him cash.

In the third and final episode, fashionista Julie Hannah embraces motherhood with her friends by learning how to cook wholesome, nutritious baby food without having to spend a fortune or hours in the kitchen. Broadcaster Shereen Nanjiani turns her hand to 'upcycling' furniture, turning a tired bedside table into something fabulous. Finally, we find out why Scottish homes are wasting money and the show’s experts give practical tips for saving big cash on annual bills.

Elizabeth Partyka, Deputy Director of Channels at STV, said: “In this series we put our celebrities under the spotlight and find out if they have lost their bad habits or if they are still wasting money, resources and time. As they pass on their new found knowledge to friends and family, with the help of our waste experts, this is a great opportunity for viewers to pick up a few useful tips on how to reduce waste and save money.”

Too Good to Waste is sponsored by Greener Scotland of the Scottish Government. 

Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment said: “The Scottish Government is serious about helping tackle all sorts of waste - whether that is wasted energy, fuel, resources or food. By doing so, we’ll be helping our environment while saving money and valuable resources in the process. Our Greener Together Campaign provides lots of information and ideas on how to become part of a cleaner, greener Scotland. Households around Scotland can take heart from the experience of those featured in Too Good to Waste; it can be a challenge to become greener but the rewards for all of us are well worth it.”