This is Scotland documentaries to be broadcast on STV

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STV will broadcast two brand new, 30 minute documentaries as part of This is Scotland, a documentary and new talent initiative run by the Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) in association with Creative Scotland.

The first of the documentaries, My New Hair will air on Monday 16th February at 2000.  The second documentary, Lost in Transition will be broadcast on the following Monday, 23rd February at 2000.

This is Scotland was launched in November 2013 to offer two upcoming filmmakers a unique opportunity to produce a documentary, working closely with SDI, and have their work broadcast in peak time on STV.

The commissioned filmmakers are Ruth Carslaw and Jack Warrender.  Ruth’s film, My New Hair, is a journey into the transformative world of wigs through the lives of ordinary Scottish women who have lost their hair.  Jack’s film, Lost in Transition, asks how much you can tell about a city from its Lost Property Office and looks behind the stories of personal possessions, lost and found.  This is Scotland is co-funded by STV and Creative Scotland’s National Lottery fund, with support from Edinburgh College of Art and University of Edinburgh.

Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels, said: “STV is extremely proud of the documentaries that have been produced as a result of the This is Scotland initiative.  Not only was this a chance to discover and foster new talent but we are thrilled to present a peak time platform for two excellent documentaries, showcasing them to a wide audience, whom I am sure will engage with the stories of ordinary and extraordinary people in Scotland.

Noe Mendelle, director of Scottish Documentary Institute, said: “We are delighted with the films coming out of our new collaboration with STV and gratified by STV's creative and commercial engagement with local talent. The collaborative approach between STV, Creative Scotland and SDI allows vibrant stories to be made and shared with a wider Scottish audience.”

Leslie Finlay, production executive of Creative Scotland, said: “Creative Scotland is delighted to be supporting new talent through This is Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Documentary Institute and STV.  Two wonderful films, My New Hair and Lost in Transition showcase Scottish talent and Scottish stories for viewers to enjoy in a prime time slot on STV.”


For further information, please contact the STV press office:

Eleanor Marshall
0141 300 3670 / 07803 970 143

Claire Henry
0141 300 3417 / 07850 710 421

Notes to editors


Ruth Carslaw

Ruth is from Irvine in Ayrshire.  A graduate of documentary photography, her early career focused on development projects in South Asia, Eastern Europe and the USA.

On return to the UK, she spent seven years in the social sector making not-for-broadcast documentary films that informed political debate and effected policy change at a national level in Scotland.

Ruth won a place on the National Film and Television School’s Summerdocs programme, which led to her first three broadcast commissions from Channel 4.

Jack Warrender

Jack was born in Girvan, Ayrshire, growing up on a sheep farm in the Stinchar valley.

Having gained experience in India running on a Bollywood film, he returned to the UK to work as a video operator. In 10 years he worked on over 20 feature films, from The Young Victoria to Gravity.

Though exciting and successful work, Jack had a desire to be more creatively challenged and left his job to take up a place at the National Film & Television School.