New STV series shines a light on Scotland's scammers

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A brand new STV series will offer viewers an insight into scams in Scotland and provide advice on how the public can protect themselves against financial fraud. Stopping Scotland’s Scammers will air on STV on Monday evenings from 2nd March 2015 at 2000.

The three, 30 minute programmes are presented by Jackie Brambles. The series is sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland. 

In the new series, Jackie meets the victims of financial crime to hear their stories and learn how they have dealt with the experience of being scammed. Jackie meets people like Nicola whose grandfather was the victim of postal scams for over 18 years and is thought to have lost in the region of £70,000.

The real-life stories are illustrated with reconstructions to show viewers the truth about financial crime in Scotland and each episode also features practical advice from industry experts and the police.

The first programme in the Stopping Scotland’s Scammers series looks at the problem of phone scams, ATM scams and financial abuse, including the story of dad James who had over £2,500 taken from his account by a carer who was meant to be looking after him in a care home. The first episode includes advice from Citizen’s Advice Scotland and Trading Standards Scotland. 

The second episode will feature postal scams and the growing issue of digital footprint scams and copy cat sites, such as business Young Plant and Equipment Sales.  In the final programme, Jackie explores the world of online romance scams and doorstep crime with advice from Get Safe Online and Police Scotland.

Presenter Jackie Brambles said: “Like most people, I knew that financial crime happened but I didn’t realise just how prevalent it has become and how easy it is to be a victim. With the nature of evolving technology these kinds of crimes have become global, so a criminal mind sitting with a laptop a Continent away can wreak havoc in the lives of people right here in Scotland. Presenting the series allowed me to meet some lovely people who had unfortunately fallen victim to scams but were brave enough to come forward and tell their stories in the hope that they could stop it from happening to others. Our aim with Stopping Scotland’s Scammers is to do exactly that, as well as offering essential advice on what to do if you think you are the victim of a scam.”

Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels at STV, said: “Financial crime is an issue that affects many people and the real-life stories in Stopping Scotland’s Scammers serve to highlight that this could happen to anyone. This series is a must watch for viewers who want to learn more about the world of modern fraud and receive helpful advice on what to do if they are the victim of a scam.”

Stopping Scotland’s Scammers is sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Chris Wilson, MD of Branch and Private Banking Scotland, said: “Keeping our customers money safe is hugely important to us and we wanted to find a way to help make the people of Scotland aware of these horrible scams. Its incredible how many people are scammed every day in this country, hopefully this programme will educate viewers on how to spot a scam and also remove some of the embarrassment people often have if they've been scammed. Our branch staff are right behind this programme and I’d urge anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of a scam to come and talk to us about in branch, on the phone or online and we’ll do our best to help.”


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