Sky sends STV Productions behind bars for new documentary series

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STV Productions and GroupM Entertainment have been commissioned by Sky to go inside Scotland’s prisons to make a documentary series about life behind bars in the 21st century.
The production team for Prison – First and Last 24 hours (8 x 44 minutes) has been given unprecedented access to film in a number of prisons including HMP Barlinnie and HMP Cornton Vale. The documentary series will tell the sometimes shocking stories of convicted criminals focussing principally on two groups of prisoners: those starting the first day of their jail sentence, and those experiencing their final 24 hours locked up, as they contemplate freedom and a return to the outside world they left behind. The series will include thought-provoking interviews with prisoners and members of prison staff who will share their insights into the prison system and the often poignant stories of their incarceration and working lives respectively.
Mick McAvoy, head of documentaries at STV Productions said: “The first and last days of a jail term are the definitive moments in a prisoner’s sentence with new inmates preparing to face life behind bars, while prisoners preparing for release are tasked with adapting to the world outside." 
“This hard-hitting new series will examine crime and punishment by looking at the lives of our prisoners as they go through the most intimidating days of their jail sentence.”
The series which has been produced for STV Productions and GroupM Entertainment by Louise Say was commissioned for Sky by Siobhan Mulholland, who commented: “We hope viewers will be compelled by the unique perspective this documentary will bring, right into the very heart of the prison system. Shocking, often moving, but above all fascinating, Prison: First and Last 24 Hours will shine a light on institutions rarely exposed in non-scripted television.”
The series is expected to be shown on Sky 1 early in 2016.
For further information, please contact the STV press office:-  
Richard Holligan
0141 300 3416