STV Productions delivers July 7 anniversary documentary for ITV

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ITV has commissioned STV Productions to make a documentary to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the London July 7th bombings.
On 7th July 2005, four suicide bombers launched an attack on London’s transport system that killed 52 and injured over 750 in the deadliest attack on the capital since the Blitz.
The 7/7 Bombing: Survivors’ Stories [1x60], narrated by Mark Strong, focuses on the hour that shook the capital, between the first blast at 8.50am and the last explosion on-board the bus at Tavistock Square at 9.47am.  The film hears from people from a range of backgrounds who in that time were among the hundreds who found themselves in the midst of an unimaginable horror deep underground.  In a series of powerful interviews, they tell the film what happened and how their lives were changed by what they endured and the events they witnessed.  It features survivors, victims’ relatives and rescuers that have never spoken on camera before, including a tube driver and a mother who lost her son.  It will air in late June on ITV with no commercial breaks.
The series was commissioned by Jo Clinton-Davis, ITV Controller of Factual and Richard Klein, Director of Factual.
Jo said: “As we reach the tenth anniversary of a date that has become a dark landmark in our history, by hearing from those directly involved this film aims to provide an insight into the truth of the human impact of this tragedy; how individual lives were changed forever that London morning and continue to be profoundly affected a decade on.”
Mick McAvoy, Head of Documentaries at STV, said: “This film will show that, in amongst the tragedy, there were moments of true bravery, humanity and kindness as commuters and rescuers came together to help each other in modern London’s darkest hour. STV Productions has a strong track record in producing powerful, emotional documentaries and we hope viewers will find this programme a fitting tribute ahead of the tenth anniversary of the bombings.”
In 2013, STV Productions was awarded Best Single Documentary by BAFTA Scotland for Fire in the Night, a feature documentary for BBC Scotland to mark the 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster. STV Productions also produced The Lockerbie Bombing for ITV to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pan Am disaster.
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