Major marketing campaign declares STV as ‘The home of Scottish news'

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STV has today launched a major new marketing campaign to promote its newly enhanced digital news services including the STV News App which debuted last week.  
For the next month, consumers will be introduced to the News App and the new look STV News website through a TV, outdoor and digital promotional campaign under the tagline ‘The home of Scottish News’.
The centrepiece of the campaign is a series of television branding promotions for the new STV App featuring STV’s news, sport and weather presenters from across the country. Filming for the campaign involving a crew and cast of more than 70 people and was shot over two days at a house in the West End of Glasgow.  The campaign shows STV faces including John MacKay, Sean Batty and Rona Dougall living together and bringing news reports to Scotland from their home; the Home of Scottish News.
The commercial production elements for the campaign have been produced by STV’s in-house creative agency, STV Creative. Director, Stephen O’Donnell explained the thinking behind the campaign’s concept:
“Everyone in The STV News team is a news enthusiast, working tirelessly to bring the latest news, sport and weather reports to our viewers and consumers across Scotland.
“We truly believe that the STV News team brings the most friendly, trusted and representative news in Scotland and the tagline ‘the home of Scottish news’ fits in with that ethos.
“Through the campaign , we’ve exaggerated this a little by creating an actual home that represents the STV News App with everyone in the STV family living and working together. It is a fun and stylish way to get across the message that everything our consumers know and love about STV news is all available in one place.”
Supporting the campaign is a series of television promos also created in-house by STV’s Promotions team. These also focus on the personalities of the news team and give a rare insight into the lives and thoughts of our presenters.
Multi-platform Promotions Manager Jude Hartley said:
“The concept behind the promos was to record candid interviews with our presenters, to promote the passion they have for the news, sport and weather. Our Brand Producer, Gill Hanlon did a fantastic job with this project. Her promotions bring us revealing and personal stories of the presenters’ experiences with STV news and of the people who have had an impact on them over the years. They show our STV Presenters as real, authentic people, rooted in Scotland and as great ambassadors for Scotland’s own, trusted news service at STV – the home of Scottish News.”
 A commercial partnership with Bank of Scotland is supporting the launch of the new app.
Key facts
Branding Campaign
- Director: Adrian McDowall
- 30 versions of the branding promotions have been created (6 x 60 seconds, 12 x 30 seconds and 12 x 10 seconds)
- Five 20 second animated direct response promotions and three 60 second documentary style promotions have also been created
- Different versions of the campaign promotions have been created for STV West, STV East, STV North and STV Dundee
- Twelve STV presenters in total have taken part in the campaign:

National faces John MacKay, Rona Dougall, Sean Batty and Bernard Ponsonby
STV East presenters: Laura Miller, Lucy Whyte and Paul Barnes
STV West presenter: Raman Bhardwaj
STV North presenters: Andrea Brymer, Norman Macleod and Tyrone Smith,  
STV Dundee presenter: Susan Nicholson
Promotional Campaign

- 72 promos have been created featuring 10 STV presenters with different versions for each STV area.
- The promos were shot over 2 days with a small crew of five at the Titan Props Studio in Glasgow
- Highlights include John MacKay speaking about the public’s response to his ‘I’m John MacKay’ introduction and Bernard Ponsonby talking about pre Salmond / Darling debate nerves before the live referendum debates.
The STV News App is available to download for free now at the App Store and the Google Play Store.
For further information, please contact the STV press office:-  
Richard Holligan
0141 300 3416/ 07747 612621