AGM Result

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STV Group plc announces that all resolutions proposed at its Annual General Meeting held at 11am today were duly passed on a show of hands.
A copy of the resolutions have been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for viewing at:
Details of proxy voting instructions, lodged prior to the Meeting, are set out below:-
Annual General Meeting  
Resolution   For Discretion Against Withheld
1. To consider and adopt the annual accounts of the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2012 which includes the report by the directors, the Remuneration Report by the directors and the report by the auditors on the annual accounts and the auditable part of the Remuneration Report   19,780,383 17,339 3,246 660
2. To approve the report by the directors on remuneration for the financial year ended 31 December 2012   19,757,363 13,695 12,848 17,722
3. To re-elect Rob Woodward as a director of the Company   19,782,426 13,583 3,025
4. To re-elect Vasa Babic as a director
of the Company
  19,350,052 13,583 434,501 3,492
To re-elect Jamie Matheson as a director of the Company   19,779,004 13,658    5,127       3,839
6. To re-appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the auditors of the Company to hold office until the conclusion of the next general meeting at which accounts are laid and to authorise the Audit Committee to fix the remuneration of the auditors   16,150,579 13,721 3,621,797 15,531
7. To grant the directors authority to allot shares   19,775,570 13,500 10,225
8. To approve the STV Group plc Bonus Plan   19,765,620 13,588 17,616
9. To approve the STV Group plc Value Creation Plan   16,835,421 14,147 27,000 2,925,060
10. To dis-apply statutory pre-emption rights   19,758,033 13,597 24,763 5,235
11. To purchase the Company’s own shares   19,778,279 13,597 6,288 3,464
12. To allow general meetings to be held on 14 days notice              19,777,678 13,366 8,100 2,484
13. To reduce the share premium account of the Company   19,777,981 13,900 5,231  4,516
Resolutions 1- 9 together were proposed as ordinary resolutions and Resolutions 10 - 13 were proposed as special resolutions.
A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of proportion of votes “For” or “Against” a resolution
The total number of ordinary shares of 50p in issue as at 24 April 2013 is 39,050,220
Jane E A Tames
Company Secretary
24 April 2013