STV documentary captures incredible round-the-world-voyage of Deaf Scot Gerry Hughes

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A brand new STV documentary will chart the remarkable journey of Scot Gerry Hughes, the first Deaf person to sail single-handed around the world passing all five capes. Silent Odyssey: Incredible Stories, which is produced by independent production companies, 5 Minute Network and, will air on Tuesday 10 September at 2100 on STV.
Gerry Hughes, who was born profoundly Deaf and communicates in British Sign Language (BSL), set sail on his dream adventure in September 2012. Setting off from the Firth of Clyde, Gerry headed for South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America in an inspiring journey that touched the hearts of thousands around the world. Eight months later, a shattered but elated Gerry returned home after completing the challenge of a lifetime.
Silent Odyssey: Incredible Stories captures all the ups and downs of Gerry’s voyage, from the final days before his departure and the emotional last moments with family and friends, to all the drama at sea including critical technical failures and a life threatening capsize south of the Cape of Good Hope, as well as interviews with the loved ones who supported his solo challenge.
Gerry is totally in his element with the sea and the open sky above him and with two miniature HD cameras on board, he relays his thoughts and feelings about an exposed life at sea, relying on emails from his family as his only company and weather reports compiled by a group of friends in Castlemilk in Glasgow.
Reconstructions, dynamic 3D animations and voiceover are also used to tell Gerry’s fascinating story.
Gerry Hughes said: “I am very lucky to have been able to fulfil my lifetime dream of circumnavigating the globe and passing all five capes. I hope that in some way I have shown Deaf and hearing people alike that they too should follow their dreams. The fact that my story will be told on STV is wonderful and I am really looking forward to the reaction it gets.”
Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels at STV, said: “This is a captivating and inspirational story which really captures the imagination, and I’m thrilled that we can share Gerry’s incredible adventure with STV viewers.”
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