STV broadcasts boxing documentary by Glasgow filmmakers

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Rise to the Ring, a raw account of what it takes to be a pro-am boxer, will be aired on STV on Monday 4 August at 0025.

As the Commonwealth Games draw to a close and we celebrate our boxing success Rise to the Ring asks the question: Why do people box?

The film, produced by independent producer Friday Films, gained access behind the scenes of boxing to showcase the lifestyle of a pro-am boxer from inside and outside the ropes.  The half hour offers close-quarters access to the boxers in their private life, work environment and most importantly in their beloved gym.  The scenes show the boxers training six days per week, juggling the pressures of family life, a full time job and at ringside on fight night.  We see the team that train the fighters juxtaposed with touching scenes of them and their family.

The documentary tells the story of three pro-am boxers and their coach Sam Kynoch who works tirelessly to make the club and its members a success.  Sam is part of a group of British promoters who are looking to overcome the inherent dangers and negligence of white-collar fights. 

The film follows the punishing physical and psychological preparations involved in boxing and all to put your pride on the line in front of a crowd.  Martin Green is a celebrated pro-am fighter - Rise to the Ring documents the injury setbacks which lead to his retirement.  The BBU Heavyweight Champion of Britain John Stevens also features.  John is a larger than life character with more than 20 winning fights under his belt. Marc Kerr is a 23 year old health and fitness student from North Glasgow with boxing in his blood.

Film directors Tulip Chicoine and Ian Hendry shot the film in and around Glasgow and Scotland.  The dedicated club members come from all over country.

Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels at STV, said: “This documentary puts pro-amateur boxing under the spot-light and offers STV viewers a fantastic insight into the sport.  The film highlights the committed journey that boxers, trainers and their family have to go through to make it in this competitive sport.” 

Sam Kynoch, owner of SK Boxing Promotions and the SK Boxing Gym, said: “Filming Rise to the Ring has been a great experience for everyone involved with SK Boxing Promotions.  The documentary provides an excellent insight into the hard work which is put into the events, both by myself and by all of the boxers.”


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