Director/PDMR Shareholding

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STV Group plc announces that it has today made the following awards to Simon Pitts further to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in compensation for the incentive awards forfeited at his previous employer:
  • An award of 9,589 fully vested shares on appointment;
  • An award of 129,796 deferred shares, granted in the form of conditional nil cost share awards under the STV Group plc Long-Term Incentive Plan (“LTIP”), vesting in phases over the period to 2021;
  • An LTIP award of 210,662 shares, granted in the form of conditional nil-cost share awards which will, subject to the satisfaction of the performance conditions set out below, vest in March 2020.
The awards were granted at a price of 309.5 pence per ordinary share (the closing share price on 25 January 2018).

 Performance conditions
Weighting Threshold
Growth in EPS 50% 7% 12%
Non-broadcast operating profit in FY 19 30% £4.0m £9.0m
TSR relative to the FTSE Small Cap Index 20% Median Upper quartile
Performance period for each metric commences on 1/1/17 and ends on 31/12/19

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