STV Studios has been commissioned to produce a new factual series for Channel 5 helping British family farms transform into successful new businesses.
With rising overheads, disease, changing weather patterns and the devastating impact of Covid-19, some British farmers are struggling to make ends meet. Our Family Farm Rescue (WT) will highlight just how creative British farmers need to become when faced with such uncertainty. 
Set in four idyllic locations across the UK, the series will see a group of farmers being given expert advice as they change their farms and set off in a new direction. Delving deep into the roots of their family farm, each will consider what lessons – if any – can be learned from the past, whilst also looking to the future to discover new, innovative ways of sourcing an income. 
Barn renovations, farm shops, accommodation pods and glamping retreats are some of the suggestions the show’s contributors will consider in their bid to revolutionise their generations-old farms.
Across the 4 x 60” programmes, viewers will get to know the farmers and their families as they follow their journeys into farm diversification. 
Production on Our Family Farm Rescue has already begun. It will be executive produced by Rosy Marshall-McCrae and the Commissioning Editor for Channel 5 is Daniel Pearl. 
Craig Hunter, Creative Director of Factual at STV Studios, said: “Farmers have been diversifying for generations, but it would seem there’s even more reason to transform their businesses and change direction now. We’ve been encouraged by the response we’ve had from farms of all different sizes and ages. There’s certainly no end to the list of opportunities available, which should make for a very compelling series.”
Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5, said:Our viewers love our farming shows and this new series will take a look at modern day farming life focusing on the many challenges they face today. Farmers across the UK are transforming their businesses and we hope to help these British family farms thrive again.”
Media Contact: Kirstin Stevenson, STV Studios on 07803 970106 or email Kirstin.stevenson@stv.t