• STV CEO shares Ofcom view that public service prominence now “urgent”
  • Welcomes Ofcom’s conclusion that competition in regional news programmes is “essential”
  • Proposed new PSM objective to support the UK’s creative economy vital for the future of nations and regions production
Statement from STV Chief Executive, Simon Pitts:

“STV Group plc supports Ofcom’s recommendations for a radical overhaul of laws to ensure Public Service Media (PSM) survives and thrives in the digital age. In particular we welcome recognition of the value local audiences place on UK original programming, particularly nations and regions news such as that provided by STV.”

“There is no more powerful case for the future of public service broadcasting than the extraordinary audiences and engagement we have seen on STV and the other PSBs in the past 18 months.”

“We are pursuing an ambitious digital growth strategy through STV Player but share Ofcom’s view that new legislation is now urgently needed to ensure public service content is readily accessible and prominent on digital platforms.”

“We also strongly support Ofcom’s recommendation to introduce a new overarching PSB objective to support the UK’s creative economy in order to drive local production and economic benefits across the nations and regions.”

“We look forward to working with Ofcom and Government to implement these recommendations over the coming months.”
Media Contact: Kirstin Stevenson, STV Group plc at kirstin.stevenson@stv.tv